Meet Cara, Gabrielle, and Santhi of Moxxly

They empower modern moms with smart breast pumps.

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Women-First Thesis

Companies with at least 1 female co-founder perform significantly (63%) better than those without. Yet, only 7% of venture capital goes to these women founders.

We invest in exceptional founders like Cara, Gabrielle, and Santhi because we believe substantial returns can be realized by investing in stellar female founders.

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79 Studios Way

We are a startup studio creating a #newplayingfield.

Substantial returns, both financially and socially, can be realized by investing in and advancing women and minorities. Instead of teaching women and minorities to succeed in the current paradigm, our goal is to accelerate returns by building a new business ecosystem, tailored for their needs and highlighting their strengths.

We are starting with women.

As product builders, company operators, and investors, we are creating this new playing field in the best way we know how -- by building our own women or minority led companies while investing seed capital in founders who contribute to our network.

We build products for underserved groups, led by women or minority leaders.

Products we want out in the world are developed in house, one at a time. They are built to meet the needs of underserved groups, including women investors, founders, and workers. Our intent for each product is to launch, grow, and spin out into women or minority led companies.

Our first studio company is called FlexTeam. FlexTeam is a trusted network of executive-level women working in teams to execute on-demand projects for business leaders. Our team is made of mid-career MIT women, who are looking for flexible, quality, and engaging work.

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We are rethinking venture capital with a women-first POV.

We back exceptional founders who are solving big problems with technology. Currently, we invest in companies with at least one female founder. We partner with a smaller number of companies in order to effectively use our operational expertise. We invest early and reserve capital to participate in our founders' growth.

We prefer to work with companies in industries that we know something about, including e-commerce/subscription, SAAS, hardware/software/IOT, data analytics/science, media/content, mobile/platforms, marketplaces/community, and communication/collaboration.

We are growing a group of like-minded founders, advisors, investors and supporters who believe in the 79 Studios Way.

We believe in taking small, actionable steps that snowball to a movement. We know that there are many like-minded friends who care about our mission as much as we do. Our goal is to create a platform that faciliates contributions from them, which can start as small as one advice or one connection.

We host in-person events in various cities to gather this action-oriented community of accomplished professionals who believe that a new playing field can be created together. To find out more, please contact us.


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Team 79

We are entrepreneurs, operators, and product enthusiasts. We know how to operate and grow companies, and uniquely understand the needs of female entrepreneurs. We met long ago at MIT and embrace our inner nerd every day, e.g. 79 is the element number for gold.

Saujin Yi
Saujin Yi

SVP/GM @ GameFly, Chanin Capital, Credit Suisse; MIT, UCLA

Tamra Johnson
Tamra Johnson

Founder/CEO @ Dryad, Northrop Grumman; MIT, Stanford, UCLA

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